Tamil Matrimony in Focus: Nicchiyadharatham & Reading of Lagna Pathirigai ceremonies

The last two pre-matrimonial ceremonies in a Tamil matrimony are equally important as the first six ceremonies that we have dealt on. Prayers and blessings are important for the couple and to make sure that the wedding will be a success. Therefore, let’s check on the importance of Nicchiyadharatham and the Reading of the Lagna Pathirigai.  Read More

Tamil Matrimony in Focus: Panda Kaal Muhurtham and Receiving the Groom

At the start of the Tamil matrimony, the families of the groom and the bride pray to their Lord to bless the ceremony. They pray for the matrimonial rituals be as smooth as possible, no interruption, and with everybody participating. This ritual is done the day before the matrimony and it happens in both the groom’s and bride’s house. Read More