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Tamil wedding dress-Saree-Tamil matrimony

Tamil Matrimony – The quintessential Saree and Dhoti!

A Tamil Matrimony is like a movie in itself , amidst all the grandeur. As much as the decorations adorning the stage and the jewellery adorning the bride , bridal clothing plays a significant role in a Tamil Matrimony. India has a rich cultural heritage and is a land of great artisans. The sheer understated elegance of the silk saree will definitely make heads turn and look in awe.
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The Golden Ornaments-Tamil matrimony

“A marriage is two individuals coming together as one”

A Tamil Matrimony is a joyous occasion where the social stature of the family is flaunted through décor , food and jewellery. The golden ornament plays a very significant role in a Tamil Matrimony and it adores the Tamil bride very beautifully with it’s sheer elegance. Tamil bridal jewellery is associated with richness, beauty and grandeur and has made it’s mark over decades. Gold jewellery is paired with precious stones like ruby , emerald and diamond predominantly in a Tamil Matrimony. Jewellery adorns the Tamil bride literally from the head to toe . So , in this post , let us look at the jewellery that a Tamil Bride typically wears in a Tamil Matrimony.

Nethi Chutti
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