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Saree-Tamil matrimony

Tamil Matrimony – The quintessential Saree and Dhoti!

A Tamil Matrimony is like a movie by itself , amidst all the grandeur. As much as the decorations adorning the stage and the jewellery adorning the bride , bridal clothing plays a significant role in a Tamil Matrimony. India has a rich cultural heritage and is a land of great artisans. The sheer understated elegance of the silk saree will definitely make heads turn and look in awe.

The word “Saree” originates from the Sanskrit name “Sati” meaning a strip of cloth. The bride wears a saree across all sections of a Tamil Matrimony irrespective of the social stature of the family. However , the quality of the fabric makes the quintessential difference. A silk saree is the most commonly used saree in a Tamil Marriage. Read More

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About Tamil marriage:

Tamil matrimony is unique in a lot of ways as its traditions may differ from community to community. However the basics are pretty much the same everywhere. As per the Tamil wedding calendars, the non-wedding months are Aashad (15th of July to 15th of August), Bhadrapad (15th of Sep to 15th of Oct) and Shunya (15th of December to 15th of January).
Tamilmatrimony is arranged by the priests on consulting the parents of the couple. They exchange horoscopes and the priest of both the families analyses it properly. In such weddings one may find the usage of gold and red and saffron colours Tamilians believe these components are symbols of purity and sensuality!

The traditions and rituals which take place during the marriage ceremony: Read More

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About Tamil culture and traditions:

Attending a Tamilmatrimony is like submitting oneself to a royal affair. One of the striking points about such weddings is the usage of red and saffron colours and also the employment of gold. These components are symbols of sensuality and purity and that is what makes these weddings an eye-pleasing affair. Read More