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Top 5 Wishes of Tamil Women for their Groom to be


Traditionally, our society dictates that women are in the house and that men are for work. But that all changed when women empowerment became a trend. Nowadays, there are activities that are branded as “unisex” because they are no longer for one gender. A woman can work and be a professional, and a man can now stay at home do the chores. Agree? Read More

5 Things Men look for in their Tamil Brides


In speaking of their ideal men, women would describe them as someone that is close to those fairy tales they grew up reading. And this is closely related to Tamil women looking for their men, as they want to be loving, caring, same values or core, and close to their cultural influences. In their profiles you would see them describe the man centered on the values and the family, and a mix of adventure and fun. Read More