5 Important Father to Daughter Advices for Shaadi.


It is probably most difficult for the father to let go of his daughter, most especially because fathers treat their daughters like princesses. But when the “marrying-age” comes, the father becomes so meticulous in picking the future husband to her precious daughter. This is why most fathers, themselves, place the profiles of their daughter with the characteristic of the husband-to-be.

One problem that may arise in this situation is that if the daughter has no idea of what the father is up to. The daughter will just be surprised to have emails regarding her future Shaadi plans. This can cause a gap between the daughter and the father. But after everything works out, and his daughter is getting married, don’t just let her go. Remember that every daughter looks up to their fathers – as a hero, for motivation and for protection.
Here are 5 important fatherly advices that you must include during your one-on-one talk:
1. Always listen to your heart.
As a father, you know that after the Shaadi, there will be a lot of changes. But this does not mean that she needs to forget herself along the way. Your daughter needs to listen and follow her heart, even if others disagree with her decision. This is because at the end of the day, it is she who will deal with the situation, and not the other people. And always remind her, that you are always there for her.

2. Respect starts if you have respect for yourself.
As you have valued and respected your daughter, make sure that she will never lose that respect for herself. Tell her that after the Shaadi, she still needs to keep her individuality and take care of herself. If she shows the right respect for herself, she will also reflect that respect to others and to her new family.

3. Value your new family as your own.
Don’t forget to tell your daughter about her in-laws, they will be there to continuously monitor her activities, because they also want the best wife for their son. And valuing her in-laws starts from planning the Shaadi to for life. But also remind her that when times are difficult, she can always go back to her original family for help and support.

4. Face situations, adapt, learn, and grow.
Beginning a new life is not very easy, that is why your daughter needs to realize that every situation has their own challenges. And your daughter needs to face them. And tell her that she is not alone, because she can always call for guidance from you or her mother. Give her some experiences from your own Shaadi and starting a family. And always remind her that those situations are rooms for her to learn and adapt new skills. In the end she will surely grow as a better individual – a wife and a mother.

5. Your husband has his own individuality, accept it.
Tell your daughter that her husband has his own thinking that he needs to have his own space too. Make sure that your daughter will not become possessive of the husband. Tell her that they have to set certain boundaries to still enjoy their personal lives as well as their family life.

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