5 Things Men look for in their Tamil Brides


In speaking of their ideal men, women would describe them as someone that is close to those fairy tales they grew up reading. And this is closely related to Tamil women looking for their men, as they want to be loving, caring, same values or core, and close to their cultural influences. In their profiles you would see them describe the man centered on the values and the family, and a mix of adventure and fun.

With regards to this, it is only fair that the Tamil Men will be looking for some characteristics of their Tamil Brides in Canada. And take note, contrast to the social belief of focusing on the physical aspects, they actually require some distinctive characteristics for their bride to be. But hey! Physical attributes are a plus, but here are the 5 characters they want their brides to have:

  • The love of a girlfriend and the care of a mother.

This can be called, “the test of love,” as the man checks the attitude of the woman towards him. What the men need for their Tamil Brides in Canada is a combination of love and care that is not overpowering, nor lacking. If they are committing in a relationship, they should stay as lovers, first, with the care that he deserves – most especially the care he received from his mom. A good example here is reminding him of his things for work, but not in a nagging way.


  • Owns him, but gives him freedom.

Not because you are in a relationship means that everything should revolve around you. Tamil Men look for independence – to do what they like, be with his friends, and to enjoy the activities that they usually do. Therefore, they look for someone who can give them the opportunity to be single, but allows them to be responsible in their relationship. Tamil Brides in Canada should be able to balance moments that they are with their man, and when not.


  • A woman that holds a magic wand.

Tamil men look at the ability of the woman to do multi-tasking, and do it flawlessly. One characteristic Tamil Brides in Canada should have is to know different tasks, but is professional, and has a career. They should not only be women at home, but women with a dream. For example, a woman that knows how to cook, clean the house, do home chores, but still manages to work in an office or have a social (or night) life.


  • A woman of mixture.

Tamil is filled with culture, and Tamil Brides in Canada should also be one with this culture. But it should not stop there. The Tamil women should also be open-minded with the culture of today. She should be able to mix tradition with the modern, and knows how to accept new things in the society.


  • Fun to be with.

Tamil men are looking for Tamil Brides with personality – a person who can be happy at the right moment and not just a person who is always laughing. Tamil Brides in Canada should know the meaning of “fun” so that the relationship will also be smooth and not a rocky road.

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