Arrange marriages

In some part of  India, Sri Lanka and some other Asian countries, most of the marriages are arranged by parents of the boy and the girl, and to celebrate marriages, they spend a lot in feasts and other arrangements for a large number of friends and relatives. The groom and the bride get princely treatments during the celebrations.

A groom on horseback/chariot being given a send-off by women in a procession for moving on to the bride’s home.

Though horse-riding/chariot riding  is limited to rare persons in the country but on the day of marriage, the groom gets the pleasure of horse riding decently dressed.

Depending on the wealth of the family, the groom moves in a well-decorated ornamental cart to the bride’s home.

Friends and relatives of the groom accompany him to the brides home dancing on the tunes played by bands.

The foods are tastefully arranged on tables to welcome the guests from the groom’s side.

On reaching of the groom’s party at the bride’s home, two sides sit together to get introduced with each other and some gifts are exchanged.

The feast begin with each guest picking up foods of his/her taste and liking.

These feasts are multi-cuisine having a few dozens of recipes to suit everybody’s taste. Buffe system of eating is often arranged but women and children prefer sitting across tables to get the treats.

The Bride is nicely decorated, dressed and ornamented for the first meeting with the groom in pub

The first meeting of the bride and the groom in public takes place with each garlanding the other as their mutual acceptance for getting married. This is followed by the couple taking 7 wows in presence of fire and taking 7 rounds of the fire-place.

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