Captivating Srilankan Matrimony Traditions – A must in Tamil Matrimonial Services


The Western culture is a big influence when it comes to the different Tamil wedding themes that couples embarked on. However, the wedding itself is pure with the Srilankan traditions that have been passed down for centuries.

They engage the couple in a series of matching to ensure that they are compatible with each other. Once this has been settled, the pre-wedding traditions will take place.

However, the most important part of the Srilankan Matrimony is the wedding tradition of that day. These traditions are very simple but very beautiful – which reflects the true nature of Tamils. Every part of it will truly captivate your eyes. And the Tamil Matrimonial Services will surely commence upon the prosperity and happiness for the couple.

The Poruwa Ceremony

Although it is originally the foundation of the Sinhala matrimony, the Poruwa Ceremony blends a harmonious Srilankan Matrimony with the wedding custom practiced by Tamils and Sinhala. You will be able to see a beautifully decorated wooden platform where the couple will go to face their guests. With their palms together, the couple will accept gifts handed to them by the Shilapadhipathi, and left on the wooden platform. These gifts, betel leaves, are left on the floor as an offering to the gods.

A couple of handing ceremony done by the father of the bride makes sure that the bride’s family is ready to give the bride to the groom. While the brother of the groom will assist with the seven betel leaves with seven coins to the couple, both of them will take turns in placing these offerings onto the Poruwa. This symbolizes respect to the couple’s each family generation. Like it has been rehearsed before, the Tamil Matrimonial Services make sure that it flows smoothly.

A marvelous gold chain, with the help of the groom’s brother, is placed around the bride’s neck. Then her uncle will move up the Poruwa and tie the pinky of the couple. He then pours water over the pinky, which symbolizes a lasting union. Then he turns the couple three times in a clockwise rotation.

Honoring the bride’s mother

A very dramatic handing of a white cloth by the groom to the bride to the bride’s mother, this symbolizes the groom’s happiness and gratitude, honoring and accepting his new mother. The groom’s mother will hand her son a sari then to his wife then to her mother.

Srilankan Matrimony is not complete without the deep-fried Srilankan pastry. The bride’s mother gives it to the couple. This is the first meal of the couple, as they feed each other a piece. The Tamil Matrimonial services make sure that once the newlywed steps down the platform, a group of teenager sings the “Jayamangal Gatha” as the Shilpathipathi breaks a coconut in half to bless their union.

The Finale

The newlywed will light a brass oil lamp together with their vows of love for always.

And of course the most awaited reception. Usually, Tamil matrimonial services give you options on keeping it traditional, or a play with Western-style (which is usually the choice). It shows a lavish programme of dancers, exchange of garlands, and a true moment for the couple.

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