The end of the winter season marks a new celebration in India. Like the New Year celebration in other countries, the festivities in the region are widely celebrated and has a long span. These festivities can be useful tools to strengthen the bond between the couple after their Tamil matrimony, their family ties, or for those who are planning to have their Tamil matrimony as well – like knowing each other better.
So here are the different festivities and the activities you can actually do to enjoy them:
 The Festivities:
There are four festivities celebrated by different cultures in India. They are Lohri, Makar Sankranti, Pongal Festival and Bihu.
1. Lohri
– A celebration during the last day of winter, it symbolizes warmth and increase in financial stability. It is believed that the term comes from “Loi” the wife of Saint Kabir, “Loh” meaning light and warmness of fire, and “Til” (sesame seeds) + “Rorhi” that in the long run became Lohri.
– Its importance to Tamil Matrimony: It is said that in houses where there is a marriage or childbirth, the Lohri celebration will reach a higher pitch of excitement.
2. Makar Sankranti
– This marks the transition of the sun onto the zodiacal sign of Makra or Capricorn on its celestial. It is also known as the first zodiac after the sinter solace. And is dedicated to the Sun God.
– Its importance to Tamil Matrimony: For newly wed couples, this is a season where the heat of love can prosper. Find a place to enjoy the company of each other.
3. Pongal Festival
– This is a four-day harvest festival, each day has its own ritual or activities. Having the meaning, “to boil”. It is a form of thanksgiving.
4. Bihu
– This festival is related to the crop cycle or the farming calendar. You are sure to have a big festival that is usually done during the night.
 The Activities:
Aside from the activities stated above. Here are some of the activities you can enjoy together with your special love one:
1. A morning walk – isn’t this a romantic activity included after the celebration of your Tamil matrimony? A morning walk during these festivities, enjoying the sights, immersing in the activities, will help your relationship grow fonder.
2. Trying something new – there will definitely new things to try. A new cafe, restaurant, or food stall is just around the corner during these festivities. Enjoy it with your partner, family and friends. It is also a time to have new friends and meet new people.
3. Shopping – if you have a relative or a friend that will soon have their own Tamil matrimony, well this is the best time to shop. The end-of-season discounts are all over the place. You’ll surely find things that will give you more than just a discount!
4. Family gathering – Tamil matrimony is a time to be part of a new family and to start a new family. Festivities like these can help family members come together and make family ties stronger.

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