The Tamil Culture dictates their way of life and how they can find their better halves. It is based on the writings and their beliefs or religion. Although the Tamil Matrimony is influenced by modern times, it still holds its special rituals and traditions. And even if Tamil has different factions – India, Sri Lanka, to name a few, it is bounded by the same virtue and customs.

Let us analyze the Cultural Influences in Tamil Matrimony:

Arranged Marriage:

A Tamil Matrimony relies on arrangement by parents, and it is important to look at the background of the family for the future of children. And since the culture is put into test, it is harder to find that special someone, and perhaps a help is needed. Included in the planning is the dowry offered by the bride’s family to the groom.


A very important factor in Tamil Marriages is the match “made in heaven” or the stars. This is analyzed by the family priest. This will be the foundation if the betrothal will push through or not. The priest also designates the date of their marriage using the Hindu or Tamil Calendar.

A “royal” affair:

The colors used for the Matrimony have their own representative. Red and saffron represent purity and sensuality. Red is also believed to be the symbol of emotions and fertility.
It involves the whole family, wherein, you can expect that near and distant relatives will be present in the wedding. It is full of festivities, presents and rituals to celebrate the union of, not just the couple, but the families as well.

The Anthology:

It is believed that Tamil Matrimony has records going back to the 600 A.D. There has been recorded that the Aryans altered some, as presented in the Agam Anthology.

Hindu Cultural Influence:

The caste system is still followed as part of the criteria in looking for the groom. Tamil Matrimony is based on the sacred texts in Veda. There are gods and goddesses revolving Tamil Matrimony such as Siva, revolving in the Festival of Madurai, and others

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