Dasa Porutham – The 10 matches for Tamil Matrimony

As important as the wedding itself, horoscope matching is considered to be one of the most important aspects of a Tamil Matrimony. The solemn ceremony begins with matching the stars which define the matrimonial compatibility between the bride and the groom. This method of matching is believed to have been invented by sages centuries ago and is still practiced by Tamilians.

So , how is this horoscope written? The horoscope is written based on the birth time , date and year of any person. According to Tamil culture, there are 28 stars which revolve around 9 planets exerting their astral influence on the mind and body of every person. For a Tamil Matrimony, 10 matches / poruthams are considered to be important. It is also called as “Dasa Porutham” , where “dasa” means 10.

Let’s take a quick look at the 10 matches / poruthams that are considered vital in a Tamil Matrimony.

1. Dinam

The first porutham is the Dinam Porutham, which is also referred to as the Dinam Kootam. This is a very vital porutham as it denotes prosperity and well being coupled with good health. The availability of this porutham denotes that the couple will be free from any major sickness or disease and also free from poverty , thereby leading a happy, long and contented married life. Due to the impact it creates , it is considered to be very vital for a Tamil Matrimony.

2. Ganam

The second porutham is the Ganam porutham , which denotes the sexual compatibility between the partners. The temperaments of both the boy and the girl are matched to check for sexual compatibility between them. There are three Ganams – the Deva Ganam , Manushya Ganam and Ashura Ganam which are each represented by nine stars.

3. Yoni

The Yoni porutham also determines the sexual compatibility between the couple after marriage and is considered important for the couple to live in harmony. The Yoni porutham should be mapped for both the girl and the boy to ensure that there is both emotional and physical satisfaction between the couple.

4. Rasi

Rasi porutham is matched to assess the compatibility of the birth stars / zodiac signs of the boy and the girl. This porutham comes as a remedy compensating the lack of other compatibilities.

5. Rasiyathipathy

The Rasiyahtipathy porutham denotes the compatibility between the lords of the birth stars of the Bride and the Groom. They should be in friendship for the boy and the girl to lead a happy married life.

6. Rajju

The Rajju porutham is considered to be the most vital of all the porutham’s as it denotes the long-living of the husband. This ensures that the wife leads a long and happy married life with her spouse.

7. Vedha

Vedha porutham comes as a result of the word vedha which means “affliction”. This is important when the birth stars of the boy and girl aren’t in agreement with each other. The match should be such that all the pitfalls and evil arising should be warded off thus leading to a happy married life.

8. Vasya

The Vasya porutham denotes mutual love and respect between the boy and the girl thus making them agree with each other , leading a contented life.

9. Mahendram

The Mahendra porutham is one that denotes wealth , progeny and long living. A good match in this denotes that the family will have children and be prosperous.

10. Stree Deergam

The last porutham is the Stree Dargam which denotes wealth and prosperity in the married life.

The first step to any Tamil Matrimony is to check the horoscope of the bride and the groom to see if the stars match, making them lead a happy and long married life. The parents and elders of the bride and the groom assemble together to chart poruthams according to the norms formed by ancestors. The above mentioned poruthams are thus considered before deciding on marriage.

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