The moment of love that lasts for a lifetime can be difficult to find. But once you find it, it sure is difficult to let go. That is a promise made by Tamil vivakam to our clients: to find that someone that will complete your life. And that the love will know no boundaries, no complexities, and will be supported by the people surrounding the couple. And that is the perfect love story for amazing people.

To all our clients, thank you for trusting your love stories with us and making this another year of success. Before we end this wonderful year of 2016, let’s recap some of the most memorable love stories in Tamil matrimony started and nurtured using Tamil vivakam.

  • A love story beyond caste.

There are families that do not look on the caste of the person. In fact, there are families who believe that inter-caste marriages work better. Tamil matrimony became their success and wants to pass on to the next generations. Just look at this story:

“My parents are an inter-caste married couple and we were searching for a similar family. Thanks to Tamil vivakam for showing me a wonderful life partner! Now we are a happy family and are blessed with a beautiful baby girl!”

The realization of that Tamil matrimony is easy when you have the assistance you deserve.

  • A love story for total strangers.

There are people who doubt the efficiency of matrimonial sites. Some people may even think that they will be able to find true love just by looking around, until the marriage age hit them. And others just need a push from their relatives to have that Tamil matrimony they’ve always wanted. Like this one:

“I would like to proudly say that Tamil vivakam served us like a very close relative to get an awesome bride for me. I was actually not satisfied when I was initially searching profiles for me then I registered with the confidence that Tamil vivakam will help me and they proved it. Now she is the lady for me.”

Trust Tamil vivakam in helping you in your journey to a Tamil matrimony.

  • A love story matched by parents.

Tamil matrimony honors the traditions and the family. For one to get married, he or she must inform their families regarding this big step. This is also to make sure that the horoscopes are aligned. This is a valued tradition by Tamil vivakam. Just see how these two lovers came together:

“We both registered in the Tamil vivakam website. We initially exchanged messages and our horoscopes were well matched by our parents. We met and got engaged.- D.Sridhar WEDS C. Nanthini”

There are various and numerous love stories out there. It is in your hands to make it a happy beginning of a married life. That Tamil matrimony you have been always dreaming about should not be that complicated. Let Tamil vivakam show the ways to complete that story to your journey to a happy ending.






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