Every detail of your Tamil matrimony should be perfect. This is, of course, in your eyes, so that every guest will feel that, that is the best matrimonial service they have attended. And all your hard work has finally paid off. And usually, the bride feels that the planning should be her responsibility, and she takes into action.


There are hundreds to even thousands of sites where she can get ideas from, combining different ideas to make it her own. But not all parts of your matrimony should be meddled with. So here are your DIY “to do list” for your Tamil matrimony:

  1. Variation from a traditional matrimonial guest book.

Making a list of guests to be part of your Tamil matrimony is a tasky thing to do. But, it will give you pleasure to know that everyone you have invited has attended your wedding. Here are some ideas you can do:

  1. A card log-in where the guests can write their messages. This is also a good way to reminisce your matrimonial ceremony – when you’re reading the letters one by one.
  2. A treasure box of letters. Here they can put their messages in a colorful paper and place them in a treasure box, a glass bottle or the likes.
  3. A sticky notes of messages. Try something unique with Post-it notes and placing it on a board or a decoration – such as a favorite sports item, a floral arrangements in the entrance, and the likes.
  1. Creating your own invitations and place cards.

Usually, the couple picks a theme and imagines the way their Tamil matrimony looks like. And this can now in turn be seen on how they were able to create a design of their invitations and place cards. Don’t worry if you can’t draw or use computer applications. All you need to do is picture it in your mind, and let someone draw or create it for you. You can even learn the software application and do it on your own.

  1. An original signage for the actual ceremony and reception.

Blackboards or whiteboard signages are returning it’s way as part of a Tamil Matrimony. Why not give it a twist. You can use tarpaulins with decorations instead of just print outs, or even cutouts that depicts the couple’s love.

  1. Choosing a wedding accessory.

Wedding rings are actually one of the biggest decision the couple has to make. It is very important that you get to choose a ring that will symbolize your eternal love for each other, and not just because of price. Included here are other wedding accessories such as wedding bands, necklaces, and more. To do this, you need to learn about them by talking to an expert for advice, such as knowing the right size, the gemstone and other specifications.

  1. The matrimonial decoration.

The decorations Tamil matrimony entails are not that difficult, as most are part of the rituals the ceremony needs. But to add to the drama of the place, the theme you choose should also match from top to bottom, and not overly decorated. For example, to add romance, backyard or garden weddings are becoming a hit as it camouflage the strong colors such as red and golds.

Now, we are done with the “to do list” when it comes to your Tamil matrimony. Stay tuned on the “not to do list” to prevent mistakes from happening.

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