The Important Diet before your Tamil Matrimony


                Planning for your Tamil Matrimony is already a stressful activity, most especially when you want everything to be perfect. All the different worries become numerous as the day approaches, but as the bride, you should maintain to be the prettiest woman in your big day. And finding concrete advice on diet tips becomes a struggle for anyone who is looking among the different Tamil Matrimonial Services.

But if you are looking for an instant weight reduction, then there is no such thing. Therefore, you must be ready to do this, months before your Tamil Matrimony commences. Here are the best tips that you should keep in mind:

  1. The 1200 calorie Tamil diet – This is the best way to help you lose approximately 3-4 kilos of weight in just one month. Together with the diet plan, a 45-minute workout should also be done. And the exercise can be of your choice of activity – jogging, swimming, and many others that you can actually enjoy.
  2. A three-times-a-day meal – Known as the common mistake for those who undergoes diet, this actually a big no-no. Tamil Matrimonial Services also focuses on the meal that you have during the wedding day, a way for you to finish your months of training due to diet.
  3. No “OR” – It should be a diet “AND” exercise regimen. One will work with the other; therefore no person will be successful in losing weight with just a diet or an exercise. There are some Tamil Matrimonial Services that will give you advice on the healthy Tamil Diet and the accompanying exercise.
  4. Breakfast on the big day – Tamil Matrimony is a very important event, and due to the jitters you are experiencing, you might forget to have the first meal of the day. Tamil Matrimonial Services knows that it is a gathering of almost 250 people.
  5. Record – The best way to check your progress is to record everything that you have done – similar to a checklist. In this way you are holding up to your health goal and you might reach your goal weight in time. In fact, you can even use your trusted smart phone applications to check how many calories and distance you have done. Keep in mind that you are preparing for your Tamil Matrimony.

Here is a sample of a diet before your Tamil Matrimony:

1 glass of Warm water with Lemon —– ——
1 cup of Tea (without sugar) 35 4
2 small biscuits 56
Total calories-91 Protein – 4
A choice between: 2 small Sprouts dosa or 2 egg white omelette with capsicum 200/150 5
A choice between: 1 cup Tomato + onion chutney or 2 slices of brown bread 20 0.5
Total calories-220 Protein-5.5
1 medium sized Apple /  50-60 grams Mixed fruit bowl 40
Green Tea (No Sugar) —- ——
A choice between: a third soup bowl of Vegetable brown rice Pulav or 3 medium size Ragi balls (Kaali) 200 3
A choice between: a small bowl of Cucumber and onion raita or 1 medium bowl of Vendakkai Priyal or 1 medium bowl of Keerai thandu Sambar 75/48/75 3.5
A choice between: 1 bowl of Mix veg salad or 1 medium bowl salad 30 2
Total calories-305/353 Proteins-8.5/13.5
10 minutes, walk post lunch + 1 cup warm water with lemon / Green tea (no sugar)
1 cup of Green tea / Coffee (without sugar) 35 2
1 bowl of Pachai payaru Sundal
(sprouted green gram)
70 4
Total calories-105 Protein-6
1 soup bowls of Samai Khichadi (fox tail / little millet khichadi) 255 7
1 medium bowl of Thayir pachadi 70 1.5
1 medium bowl of Salad 30 2
Total calories-335 Proteins-10.5
10 minutes, walk post lunch + 1 cup warm water with lemon / Green tea (no sugar)
1 glass of Milk 75 2
4 pieces of Soaked almonds 20 3
Total calories – 95 Total Proteins – 5
Total calories=1191 Total protein=45


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