Relationship goals. That is what a lot of people keep in mind when they enter a relationship, most especially after their Tamil matrimony. They said that being married is only the beginning. However, is there really such thing as relationship goals?

In order to keep the fire alive after your Tamil matrimony, there are certain aspects that should have been considered before the marriage took place. Here are some:

  1. Acceptance

The couple must accept each other, not just by word, but also by action. Actions to show that you are meant for each other tell more about how your relationship will grow. You have to meet your partner on the expectation you both have regarding your relationship before you can readily say you accept each other. This is like aligning your plans, or your relationship goals.

  1. Compatibility

Before a Tamil matrimony can take place, vigorous compatibility testing is done by the family. This is one secret to the marriage’s success. But after the Tamil matrimony, you will soon learn more about each other. So make sure that you take time to check your values, goals and interests as part of your married life.

  1. Family Comfort

Family on both sides will always keep a check on how your relationship is going. It is what Tamil matrimony is all about, a marriage that exceeds two individuals, it is a marriage of two families.

Now, it’s time to check your attitude to learn how you can keep your love alive after your Tamil matrimony:

  1. Comfortable together

You always have to find a way to learn each other’s thoughts, behavior, actions, and goals. It is no longer just you, but with your partner as well. So in any decision that you make, make sure that all parties (you as a couple) will be able to talk about it and come up with a decision together.

  1. Awareness on responsibility

There are factors that you need to consider on what obligations or responsibilities that you have or will have after having your Tamil matrimony. Therefore, ask yourself, are you aware of the responsibilities, post marriage?

You can learn from your parents, in-laws, and of course from conversations with your partner. It is difficult that you have an expectation from your beloved partner, but your partner doesn’t know about it. Add to that the expectation that your family has with you. So, it is very important to be aware of what you should have as a responsibility.

  1. Companionship

To what extent do you need companionship? To the couple, there are moments that they feel that they are trapped behind bars due to the demands that their partners are asking. So if you are a person who wants your partner to be always there, as in physically and emotionally, without giving space, then marriage is not for you.

Marriage is for people who wants that certain level of companionship, but still gives space and “life” to their partner.


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