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About Tamil marriage:

Tamil matrimony is unique in a lot of ways as its traditions may differ from community to community. However the basics are pretty much the same everywhere. As per the Tamil wedding calendars, the non-wedding months are Aashad (15th of July to 15th of August), Bhadrapad (15th of Sep to 15th of Oct) and Shunya (15th of December to 15th of January).
Tamilmatrimony is arranged by the priests on consulting the parents of the couple. They exchange horoscopes and the priest of both the families analyses it properly. In such weddings one may find the usage of gold and red and saffron colours Tamilians believe these components are symbols of purity and sensuality!

The traditions and rituals which take place during the marriage ceremony:
These  Tamilmatrimony are like a royal affair and everything about it is alluring. On the wedding day, the Mangala Snaanam ritual in which the couple is needed to take a purifying bath; is carried out. Another interesting  ritual is the ‘Kashi Yatra’ where the groom threatens to leave for Kashi to lead a life of ascetic. He is stopped by the girl’s father who promises to give his daughter to him. On doing so the groom walks towards the mandap and sits with the bride. Both the couple exchange the garlands and after that the ‘Oonjal’ ritual is done where both of them are seated on a swing and are given banana and milk to eat.

Tamilians also use rice balls to bless the couple and also protect them from evil and jealous eyes. The most important Tamilmatrimony ritual is the ‘Kanyadaan’ where the father hands over his daughter to the groom and the groom ties the mangal sutra around the bride’s neck to officially make her his wife. Both of them walk around the holy fire namely the ‘Saptapadi’ and on completion take the blessings of the priest, their parents and other family members present.

Helpful  Tamilmatrimony websites:

There are tons of Tamil matrimony websites where people can enter their details and find their suitable life partner.  Tamilmatrimony forums will help in finding out the proper matches from their desired Tamil community. So those who want to tie the knot and are on the lookout for their life partner, just tend to these Tamilmatrimony services without any hesitation.

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