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For centuries, finding the perfect partner is limited by the community you know and meet along the way. In which, adaptation through technology becomes a must to widen the search – like exploring new lands. Tamil as a nation is connected with their culture, but is separated by distance. With population all over the world, Marriage Sites became an important ally.

Everyone has a unique story of love to share. It is presented in the wedding rites they perform and is bounded by marriage as witnessed by many. It is a love that transcends generations of practice and is transformed by culture all around the world.

Marriage Sites serve as a matchmaking service at first, but have grown in function as years passed by. They give the couple an edge in numerous options and a decrease in planning hassle. With services from meeting singles to the actual wedding ceremony, this makes Marriage Sites the ultimate personal wedding planner.

  1. Planning on the go – When a Tamil man or woman comes to an age, it is important to find that person to spend his life with. Planning a wedding consumes much time for the couple as well as to the family involved. Most especially Tamil wedding is a family affair.  Balancing your personal life and work, and searching a suitable suitor is what makes Marriage Sites popular and important. You can just register, click your preferences, and let the service help you out.
  2. Earning Advice – Experience comes in different shapes and size, this helps one person in decision-making and careful planning. Marriage Sites open up an opportunity to seek advice – from professional, from a group of friends, and from members of the sites. You will never feel lost and you will see how Tamil culture is preserved.
  3. Templates – Imagine the different preparations that need meticulous judgment – the invitation cards, the theme of the ceremony and the reception, the location, the food, and many more. Good thing Marriage Sites focus on reinventing Tamil matrimony ceremonies with the different templates available for the couple to choose from, upon subscribing to the service.
  4. Registries checklist – Preparation security doesn’t happen overnight, but Marriage Sites make sure that all the preparations needed is listed down, and all the timeline followed according to your plan. You can follow your advisor’s checklist or create your own. But you are sure that no one in your list will be left behind – most especially the guests and family members needed during the ceremony.
  5. The Perfect Look – Every bride should feel and look beautiful during the week of celebration. So, to do away from the generic make-up that everyone knows, Marriage Sites focus on how to enhance the natural beauty of the bride using make-up that suits her skin. Aside from the bride, the groom must look neat and handsome, too.
  6. Program – Tamil matrimony celebrates the tradition of the ancient times, with the practices of the modern world. Bridging this gap has always been a challenge; most especially, that environmental factors can come to play. Marriage Sites understand the location of the Tamil couple and infuses the necessary rituals.


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