Tamil matrimony

PETS AND TAMIL MATRIMONY, There’s a new trend in Tamil matrimonials all over the world – and this is with pets! Complete with clothes and accessories, the pet (or pets) is now part of the entourage, and plays a very important role. Pets are now considered, in Tamil matrimony, part of the family, and a highly valuable one. Although they are highly maintained, they are a joy to the family.

Can you see your pet doing one of these?

  1. Pre-wedding Ceremonies

During the engagement of the couple, the time each family will know each other, is also the time to get the know the extensions of the families, including pets. The pets can be like the engagement rings, if you go on with the wedding, then the pets should also be accepted.

Of course, in the planning stage of the Tamil matrimony, such as in invitation cards, you could extend the invitation to the pets of your guests. This is a wonderful idea, as long as you put some restrictions. One restriction is to ask them to avoid wearing materials obtained from animals like silk, leather or pearls.

  1. At the Wedding

The pets can perform different tasks during the different parts of the Tamil Matrimony. One consideration is that the pets should have handlers to control them. As the couple getting married, handling pets should not be your problem. Here are some examples:

  1. Kashi Yatra ritual – The groom can bring the dog in his pursuit to lead a life away from the bride.
  2. Oonjal ritual – While the couple sits, the pet can stay with them.

If you feel that your pet may not be perfect for some of the matrimonial rituals, here are other things they can do to help:

  1. A special guest – Let them sit next to a family member who is there to take care of the dog. They will be there to be a witness to all the foregoing of the ceremony. This is also a good way to prevent skepticism from some guests who are new in this kind of Tamil matrimony
  2. Only for pictures – Well, pets are good during pictorials. Aside from having pictures with your pets at the wedding, you can have them before the wedding and at the reception. They look good and makes your Tamil matrimony extra special.
  1. At the Reception

The signage can be carried around the neck of your pet, and he can be used to welcome the guests into your wedding. Although in Tamil Matrimony, the wedding and the reception can be in the same venue, this can still be done.

They can also mingle with the guests, just make sure your pets are friendly enough to do this so as not to cause any trouble. And of course, they should have their own meal so as not to eat the food for the guests.

Just remember that your venue should be pet-friendly. You cannot incorporate your pets in your special day, if first and foremost the venue will not allow it. So what is the perfect venue to have pets in your Tamil Matrimony? Stay tuned.

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