What Signals Your Readiness for Shaadi?


There are factors that affect a person’s decision about Shaadi. And we know the feeling of pressures coming from the society – most especially if everyone around is getting married, and all you get are invitations to attend their important day. You wonder when will be your time to send out your own invitations and getting ready for your important day. But how can you be certain if you’re ready for your own Shaadi.

  • That feeling of being left behind.

If you check your friend’s list and one by one they keep on getting married, and they will just alert you on their important day, you should wonder. You should already look and plan for your own Shaadi. It is a very important factor to know that you are at the right age to get married.

  • When you are ready to start fresh.

This is when you have gotten over your past relationship or moved-on. You have left all that were in the past – all the hurts, and you are ready to trust again and all your wounds have healed. Now, all you have to do is to find that perfect person that matches your star.

  • Getting hooked on those love-themed movies and songs all over again.

If you find love songs or movies unbearable or annoying in the past, then suddenly hearing yourself humming to those songs again or watching those movies, this certifies you of looking for a new love. You might even change the playlist in your phone because now you enjoy them. Don’t wonder any longer, look for help in finding that person and you’re on your way to a very romantic Shaadi.

  • Finally stepping into that “commitment” zone.

Not afraid of getting hurt anymore? Then you are suddenly making decisions on how you can commit to a relationship, how to make it grow, and how you can show your love and affection. Then your Shaadi is just a few steps away. Once you try and get to know someone, and imagining your future with him or her, it’s sure that you are entering that important “commitment” zone.

  • The future “We” instead of “I”

Have you thought of your dream house, your dream car or business? Have you dream of having children and growing your family? Have you looked forward to all your aspirations with just one person to accompany you all throughout? You are now in the future “We” or “Us” moment, this affirms that you are ready for your own Shaadi.

  • That moment when you finally check your savings.

When giving a priority to save for the future – not because of a personal need, but because of a dream family, don’t hesitate in finding your spouse. This does not refer to men only, women also have their savings. Perhaps you also noticed that you gaze on visualized on buying clothes for babies, or planning for a meal. Definitely you are ready to enter the world of marriage.

Don’t worry if you are over excited. That just happened because you are ready for marriage. Just make sure you consult the stars, so your Shaadi will be guided perfectly.

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