One of the most meticulously prepared weddings filled with love and culture is Tamil Matrimony. Truly, every detail is intricately and precisely done to ensure that all the parts are covered. And it is not just about the wedding itself, but when it all starts from the meeting of the couple. The journey they both undergo is beyond doubt a beautiful site to see.

The Arrangement

This is not about the arranged marriage between the couple. This is about the theme that is used for the Tamil Matrimony. Surprised? Well, believe it or not, most Tamils used different themes to make their matrimony as unique as possible. Here are some of the most common themes”

  • Fusion wedding – For example, a Gujarati and Tamil Fusion Matrimony, Indian Fusion (with the Western culture), Italian Tamil Fusion, and many more. This Theme highlights the important culture of both the bride and the groom and put them together in their wedding. This can be seen in the program itself, the clothes they wear, and the decorations or in the reception.
  • Royal Theme – Tamil Matrimony can be described as a grandiose celebration filled with royal colors. Traditionally, this is the most common type – having reds and golds everywhere. It also involves intricate designs and pattern of the Tamil culture.
  • Floral Theme – Some brides certainly want flowers in her wedding. And the option of having flowers is limitless – due to the fact that flowers are diverse in colors, texture, sizes, and fragrance.

The Colors

Red and gold with a tinge of white are the basic colors when you think of Tamil Matrimony. But you’ll be surprised on how there are actually different colors in the wedding. Choose from:

  • Blues – This can be a mixture of purples – violet, lavender, etc., and blue – light to dark. At times, they even place lights as part of their design. Of course the color gold will not be misplaced, as this could be the color of the main canopy for the couple.
  • Royals – Red and gold remains the classic choice for a Tamil Matrimony.
  • Green – Mixed with other colors, and at times due to the flowers. This gives the wedding a refreshing and attracting mood.

The Decorations

Garlands for the bride and the groom is noted decorations for them. But have you ever wondered what decorations they placed in their wedding area? Perhaps you would say flowers, but that’s the thing, not all Tamil Matrimony areas have noticeable flowers.

  • Fresh Flowers – It can be located in the canopy, in the bride’s aisle, in the guests’ tables.
  • Embroidered silks – With complex designs that reflect the culture, the embroideries should always stand out and appreciated much. The silk is shiny enough for the occasion to reflect the quality used.
  • Crystals – This depends on the theme. The crystals can also be seen as part of the accessories of the couple.
  • Backdrop – It could be a multi-layer design with lights and a fusion of classic and modern trends.

And even the place already is a beautiful sight to see, Tamil Matrimony still leaves an “awe” to everybody’s faces when they see the most beautiful attraction – the bride and the groom.

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