Tamil Matrimony – Tamilians’ Weddings

Tamil Sri Lankan wedding includes many traditions that differ from community to community. Still basic details are the same. One of them is the time of year when the wedding is organized. According to Tamil calendar weddings are not organized in the months. We take it from our pangangam.
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In case that the marriage is arranged parents of potential bride and groom meet to exchange horoscopes. The horoscope is usually analyzed by the family priest.

The next step includes writing of the marriage agreement. After that there is a meeting in the groom’s house when priests from both sides exchange marriage agreement. The agreement is put on a plate. On the plate there are also bananas, coconuts and betel leaf.

Panda Kaal Muhurtham is a ritual held on the day before Tamil Matrimony. Both families pray to ensure the blessing of family god. A bamboo pole symbolically represents the god.

In the morning of the day before the wedding groom and his family arrive at the wedding hall. They are welcomed with a tray which contains different offerings – flowers, paan supari, fruits and mishri. Paan supari is a betel leaf filled with chopped areca nuts and spices. Rose water is sprinkled on the groom.

The wedding ceremony ends with Saptapadi. What follows is the wedding lunch organized by the groom’s father.

Period after the wedding is rich in traditions. Sammandhi Mariyathai is the traditional exchanging of clothes and other presents between bride’s and groom’s family.

Paaladaanam is a ritual where the bride and groom lay face down in front of the elder members of the family and seek their blessing. They give them fruits and a token rupee.

Grihapravesham is an act of escorting the bride to her new home. There she is welcomed with an aarti (arti) ritual. During this Tamil Matrimony, ritual light from wicks is offered to one or more Gods.

Maruvidu Varudal is a visit of the couple to their parents. It occurs at least three days after the wedding. The couple gets clothes and jewellery.

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