Tamil Matrimony in Focus: Nicchiyadharatham & Reading of Lagna Pathirigai ceremonies

The last two pre-matrimonial ceremonies in a Tamil matrimony are equally important as the first six ceremonies that we have dealt on. Prayers and blessings are important for the couple and to make sure that the wedding will be a success. Therefore, let’s check on the importance of Nicchiyadharatham and the Reading of the Lagna Pathirigai. 

Nicchiyadharatham is also known as the engagement party of the bride and the groom. The family of the couple is present during this ceremony. The parents play a vital role as they offer prayers to the Lord Ganesha. This deity is also known as Lord Ganapati or Lord Vinayaka, and is one of the best-known and most worshipped deities, not just during marriage, but in everyday life of the Tamils. He is the deity believed to remove all possible obstacles, and gives intellect and wisdom.

A puja is then conducted in the presence of the family priest.

A saree brought by the groom’s family is presented to the priest. This will be blessed by keeping kumkum, chadan, flowers, and pieces of accessories and jewelries added to it.  Then they present the new saree to the bride known as Nicchiyadharatham Pattu Saree or Silk Saree.

The bride will then be blessed by all the elderly people from both sides of the couple. Her forehead is adorned with a tilak made from chandan and kumkum. Her Saree’s pallu is filled with fruits, beetle nuts, turmeric, kumkum and coconut. A garland made of flowers is tied around her waist. Aarti is done in celebration for the bride.

The last ceremony before the actual Tamil matrimony starts is the Reading of Lagna Pathirigai. This is commonly done in the marriage rites of Tamil Brahmins. Here the priests conduct this ceremony and formally announces the details of the marriage. The wedding invitation is read aloud to informing everyone about formalizing the alliance of the families. The muhuram and the venue for the Tamil matrimony are announced.

The wedding invitation for a Tamil matrimony is not just a piece of paper given to the visitors.  This makes sure that the rituals done are in order and that the list is complete. This also informs everybody that a wedding will take place at a location, and festivities will happen after. This is also the reason that wedding invitations are meticulously done by the family. This also starts the journey of the couple to the wedding shrine.

The family and visitors then enjoy a lavish dinner afterwards. This prepared meal is different from what they will have from the reception. Some of it is every day food that the family usually prepares.

Of course, the bride and the groom prepare for the next day. They need rest as there are still lots of rituals to be performed before they could say that they are finally husband and wife. As for the family, they prepare the necessary materials and make sure that the preparations are complete. Everyone takes the much needed rest and enjoy the rest of the night.


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