Vows. These are important messages of the bride and the groom to each other. These give a sense of purpose on the Tamil matrimony and a sense of fulfillment that the day has finally arrived. People say that these words or vows come from the very soul of that person and is deeply felt in the heart. So when they exchange their vows, it is one moment that they will cherish forever.

Creating a vow should always be given time and effort. This is your chance to tell that special person something you have never said before or you have and gestured always as a reminder. For some, this is the most difficult task they need to perform before their Tamil matrimony. But for others, they can write excessively that the time is not enough. Also, remember, these vows may not necessarily be during the Tamil matrimony proper ceremony, these can also be an addition to it or during the reception.

So here are some tips to create that perfect vow:

  1. It should be centered on the seven vows during Tamil matrimony.

There are seven exchanges of vows that the bride and the groom performs during their Tamil matrimony. Go ahead and read them thoroughly so you can create a vow that is similar to those vows. You can also choose the vows you want to give emphasis to. In this way, the vow will not break any tradition, and it will be acceptable.

Just a few reminders, do not repeat the words that are written in these seven bows. Be creative in yours.

  1. Inspirational quotes could be used.

Inspirational quotes are commonly used as an introduction to the vows. This helps you focus on what you want to relay to your partner. This could also be the “motto” that you follow in your life, your love life, or as a couple.

  1. Clues are necessary, so as not to lose focus.

Some uses the letters of the name of their partner as a guide to give a description to their relationship or directly to their partner. Other clues that you can use is the gods/goddesses or stars that are important in your Tamil matrimony. Some even use the parts of the body as clues to present their vows.

  1. Writing them down is okay, memorizing them is also good.

The best way not to be rattled when speaking your vows during your Tamil matrimony is through a paper. If you write them down, then you will not miss anything. But if you believe you can memorize them, then why not.

  1. Don’t beat around the bush.

Always read and reread your vows, this will make sure that the flow of your vow is smooth. Try not to repeat description and important words just to make your vows longer. It is okay that it is short, as long it is concise and understandable. You can ask a confidant to read and critic it, if you think you will gain a better vow from them.

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