Tamil Matrimony – The Invitation

Tamil Matrimony – The Invitation

So the time of your Matrimonial is fast approaching, and your planning list is finally coming into place. And one important step is the list of guests including during your Tamil matrimony. You’ll know it’s Tamil when the number of people is vast. So this entails time and importance.

Importance of the Invitation:

  1. It gives an insight on how much the crowd is.

This will also be helpful in planning the location of your Tamil matrimony, as well as the reception itself. You can even set-up the venue on your preferred style to suit all the rituals during your Tamil matrimony.

  1. It controls the crowd.

First, it makes sure that the people invited are those close and related to the family, nothing more nothing less. This means that no wedding crashers in your Tamil matrimony.

Second, you can delegate places for the visitors. Remember that you can also include pets in your matrimony, and this needs their own space and the parts where you need to dance, and much more.

  1. It organizes the event.

Of course, you want that your special day’s events and the ceremony will flow smoothly. The invitation card also acts as a program card so that your guests will have an idea of the different events. But remember, you don’t need to put everything there.

Here is a checklist on what to put on the invitation:

  1. The Host Line.

Who is the person who will guide the program, also known as the EMCEE or the HOST; his or her name should be listed there. It is the couple’s choice on who to host, it can be a single person or two, and it can even come from the matrimonial site.

  1. The Request Line

This contains your request for their attendance to your wedding. This means that invitation cards should be personalized to be special. You definitely don’t want to a generic invitation card for your Tamil matrimony where you just put their name in the envelopes.

  1. Name of the Bride

It is a rule that the bride’s name should be placed first. The second rule is that if her parents are mentioned in the invitation card, only her first and middle should be written.

  1. Name of the Groom

After the bride comes the groom’s name. And the way his name is written is the same with the bride, and it follows the second rule stated above.

  1. Date and Time

It is important to put the date and time of your Tamil matrimony. And depending on how your invitation has been laid-out, the format of the date can be in numbers or in words.

  1. Location

Include the name and address of your Tamil matrimony, of course. The more complete the better. You can even add a small reception card to give directions.

  1. Reception

Usually the reception is the same with the ceremony location, if that is the case, then you can just put, “reception follows.” But if you have a different location, then just add the word “at …” then the name and location of the place.



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