Tamil Matrimony Love Stories

Arranged marriages have been a long and solid culture of Tamil people. And some would think that it no longer an effective way to find that perfect match. However, Tamilians have proven that this is not the case, for finding that perfect match undergoes some basic principles that, if you think about it, are the same when you are looking for your own partner.
Parents know best:10802020_10152806155709210_5263967727965434291_n
From history, the parents are responsible in choosing the best groom for their daughter, in which they are going to present gifts and dowry. A meeting is held between parents of the girl and the boy. They go to the family priest, or head priest for a consultation, if their children are compatible by reading the stars. And if they are, marriage is arranged.

In this process, they will know the qualities of both the family and the groom. Therefore, in Tamil Matrimony Love Stories, it shows that the whole family is involved in making sure that the new couple will be happy and the perfect match.

Stories of “Love conquers all”:

Tamil Matrimony Love Stories  has a basis.  A lot of old scripts agree about the love that is formed through arrange marriages. And the success of the love they have is written in all forms – poetry, books, and stories. Here are some of them:

 The Eight Anthologies (Eṭṭuttokai) – this is an ancient lyrical poetry that talks about the four aspects of life – virtue, material, joy and salvation. Love and happiness are included in the aspect of Joy. The beauty and expression on how people meet and form love such in a way that they are bound in a Tamil Marriage.

 Thirukural – in Tamil literature, this is considered as a very important piece that talks about the emancipations of the human heart and the spirit. It focuses on the virtues of love, forgiveness and peace. Perhaps the part that talks about the Tamil Marriages is in the couplet 3, about a union that will last.

It is not about being the perfect match, but being the perfect person:
To be loved is one of the most amazing things a person can have. And in Tamil Marriages, it is not being the perfect couple, but being that perfect person for each other. That is why finding the person that contains the characteristics you want is very important. As well as having the best qualities that reflect the Tamil virtues is also important. These are needed to make the relationship work and find true happiness in marriage.

This is what makes Tamil Matrimony very effective. Even though it is considered an arranged marriage, the way of looking for the person, the planning and meeting of both families, makes the arranged marriage seems like it’s not really an arrange one, but a love marriage.

Tamil Matrimony Love Stories continue:

What makes Tamil Matrimony successful? This is because of the support that both families give. They also proceed with all the Tamil rituals for the couple and follow-ups to make sure that the couple is doing very well. They also follow the necessary virtues to make their family life better.

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