Arranged marriage? A love that did not grow? Where’s the success? Perhaps these are the same questions you have regarding arranged marriage. Perhaps you doubt that if you intend to follow the traditional route, your marriage will not be successful. Or perhaps you are afraid that you will not be able to marry the man of your dreams. These and many more doubts can lurk in your mind in finding that true happiness in your marriage.

Fortunately, we can set things right by saying that there is success in Tamil Matrimony. There are love stories and confessions of couples regarding their successful relationship. Therefore, the time to discover and to adapt to each other during the first marriage plays a vital role in making the Tamil Matrimony successful.

The Secrets for Successful Marriage:

  1. Enjoy each other’s company.

Being married doesn’t mean that the wife will follow the husband, or the husband controls the household. Being married means that the couple’s everyday routine is a means to discover each other. Only by discovering will they find out how they are actually more alike in many ways than none. Tamil Matrimony gives an opportunity not just to know each other, but to know the family and relatives of each other.

  1. Talk skillfully.

Success in marriage is not a one-sided deal, both – the husband and the wife, should know how to decide for the relationship. This could be done by talking skillfully. This means that the ability to talk in a calm manner, especially in discussing problems, and making decisions without fighting or shouting at each other is a skill that the couple must learn.

  1. Seek and offer forgiveness.

Whenever there are fights, it is not about who wins and who loses. The couple will both lose if they do not know how to seek and offer forgiveness. Therefore, they should let go of their guard and just forgive and talk with each other.

  1. Remembers their vows.

During Tamil Matrimony, the rituals and the blessings given is an opportunity to share their vows for each other. The couple should never forget them.

  1. Positive about each other.

Always hope for the best. Always show your gratitude and always praise each other, even for simple things.

  1. Learn and grow together.

Let experience teach you to be a strong couple. From the moment you were bound by Tamil Matrimony, people around you are teaching you about what couples should be. Together learn from them.

  1. Never stop dating.

Afraid of not having compatibility, and married without love? Then why not make every day an opportunity to date each other. When you have a date, you show intentions of love and eagerness to learn about each other.

  1. Be each other’s happiness.

Don’t be the first one to put your better-half down, instead inspire each other. When you become each other’s happiness, everything will follow. And love will certainly knock on your heart. It will show that you are perfect for each other.

  1. Adhere to the 60/40 rule.

A marriage is never a 50-50 division, this is the fact. Therefore, the couple should adhere to the 60-40 rule. This means each of them give 60% of the time and only take 40% of the share.

  1. Share each other’s values.

When you are a Tamil, it is expected that you act as a Tamil. And if you have the same values and beliefs, it is more likely that you have the same characteristics and personalities. This makes the chances of Tamil Matrimony to be successful.

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