A registration is always needed before you can continue creating your profile. Well registration is actually very easy, as it is offered for FREE and the necessary information is already laid out. And in this site that offers services for Tamil Matrimony, you will be walked through the stages until you will be able to create your profile. And there are different plans that you can choose from depending on your budget.

The Tamil Tamil matrimony Registration

There is certain information that you need to put. It is one of the most important things in order to continue finding “the one.” Here are the things that you should prepare for in this

Tamil Matrimony Site:

 Matrimony Profile – this will let you choose to whom you will set up the Tamil Matrimony for. It could be for you, for a friend, to a relative and so on.
 Name – it should be the real and complete name of the owner of the profile.
 Marital Status – Tamil Matrimony is not only for single Tamilians, but also a second chance for widow/widower.
 Date of birth –for checking the horoscope, or the “match made by the heavens.”
 Gender
 Country of Origin
 Country Living in – due to globalization, Tamilians can be found in different places all over the world.
 Religion
 Mobile number – for verification purposes.
 Email – for the latest updates, promos and your profile matches.

The Profile

This is the most important aspect to make your Tamil Matrimony dreams come true. This is where you will present yourself and attract viewers. So, in order to make your Tamil Matrimony profile stand out, here are some tips:

Be specific

It is very important to put details that will capture the attention of seekers. You should use descriptive words that tell your special trait. One way to do this is using anecdotes. Always be positive about what you put and be honest. And never use cliches as these are already very common.

Balance what you put

You should not only put something about yourself. A key to matchmaking is to also put the things you want with the other gender. Tamil Matrimony only works when the traits you have coincide with the traits of your partner.

Lessen the details and edit

If the box allows you to write a minimum of 1000 words, please do not fill it up. Use fewer words, as most people only look for keywords and will not have the time to read your story. Don’t say that, “If he/she’s interested, he/she will take time,” that’s not the case; you have to save some for your dates (getting-to-know-each-other part). It is recommended to use only 3-4 sentences, keeping it short and sweet. And more importantly, proofread, edit and check your grammar.

Tell stories with your profile picture

Be real with your pictures, smile, but don’t overly project. You also want to show your character in your profile picture. If you are a sporty person, perhaps show it in your action or background.

Sports and hobbies

Part of your description should be something interesting about you. It could be in the form of hobbies or sports, or any activities you enjoy. According to a survey males prefer women who do yoga, surfing, running, skiing, tennis, dancing, or biking. And females prefer males who do surfing, yoga, skiing, golf, biking, hiking, or running.

Update regularly

More importantly, your Tamil Matrimony profiles should always be updated.

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