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About Tamil culture and traditions:

Attending a Tamilmatrimony is like submitting oneself to a royal affair. One of the striking points about such weddings is the usage of red and saffron colours and also the employment of gold. These components are symbols of sensuality and purity and that is what makes these weddings an eye-pleasing affair.
Another thing which one would notice in these weddings is that it is not very extravagant or showy. Tamilians are people who believe in plain living and are extremely particularly about their customs and traditions. Tamilmatrimony is derived from the ancient Hindu sacred texts which are encrypted in the Vedas. As per the tradition, it is the priest whom determines the time and date of the wedding. He is also needed to be present during the entire wedding ceremony and is the one who officiates the couple as husband and wife.

The wedding ceremony along with the procedures:

At the time of weddings the parents of the bride and groom are equally as important as them. Prior to the wedding’s main ritual, the priest takes approval from parents of both the sets to allow the couple in the marriage. The extended personal participants are seen mostly involved in attending the guests, cracking coconuts and walking round the venue or pandals asking the guests to bestow their blessings to a tray with the important thali. It contains the golden necklet or ‘mangal sutra’ that the bride gets on her wedding.
The ceremony is long and as soon as the to-be married couple walk in, the priest performs the Ganesh pooja (another ritual) and in that other married women from the couple’s family join in. As the pooja is complete, the priest along with the parents blesses the couple. In that thali, there is a separate sari which the bride is supposed to wear at the wedding ritual. Wearing the new sari the bride re-appears in the marriage hall and the groom ties the gold necklace or mangal sutra around the bride’s neck indicating that she is officially her wedded wife and after than both the couple walk around the holy fire. As this is done, the priest announces the wedding to be complete and blesses them. The parents along with the other family members and guests join and conclude the wedding. Tamilmatrimony is usually done in banquet halls and sometimes even outdoors in pandals. The food is completely vegetarian and the total number of guests is usually around 250.
About Tamilmatrimony web portals:

Marriage is a very special occasion and has its own importance in the hearts of both the man and woman. However sometimes finding the better half can prove to be difficult! Thus to assist those folks, (Tamilians more specifically), there are numerous Tamil matrimony websites which they can take help from. In these portals people just have to enter their personal details, their religion, the caste, their mother tongue, gender, cell number and email and matrimonial profile for whom they are looking for.
These Tamil Matrimony websites will find numerous matching profiles from Iyer community, Mudaliyar, Adi Dravida, Vannia Kula and many more. Another thing about these Tamilmatrimony portals is that one can log into to them whenever they want and from any given destination. Even the parents can fill in the details of their sons and daughters as it is accessible to everyone.
So those who want in search of their appropriate life partner these Tamilmatrimony  websites are definitely the place to visit.


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