The Best Return Gifts for your Tamil Matrimony in Canada

Every wedding is special. And every guest that comes during your matrimony should also be treated in a special way – specifically when you want to say thanks to them. Therefore, the return gifts that you should have is something that will truly remind them of how special your Tamil Matrimony in Canada, and they’ll be proud that they have come.

But with the many kinds of return gifts that is out in the market, how can you choose the one? First, let’s present the options:

  1. Jewel Box – they have different styles, sizes, and shapes to choose from. And not because they call Jewel box that they need to contain a piece of jewelry. You can actually be creative with the contents. The styles, depict the culture that will really make your Tamil Matrimony in Canada feels like home.
  2. Jute Bag – if you want something that your guests can actually use, not just being stylish for the occasion, but also for everyday use, then a Jute bag is the choice. But remember, the female guests in your Tamil Matrimony in Canada would actually appreciate this one, so you have to give another return to gift to the male guests.
  3. Bowls – very classic return gift, bowls are decorative and useful things in a household. And you can choose from a wide array of designs that will suit the motif of your Tamil Matrimony in Canada.
  4. Trays – the common tray used is a wooden one that can store your fruits, but a more classy style can be a silver plated brass in unique shapes and styles. You don’t’ actually need to buy a very big tray, but what you can do for your Tamil Matrimony in Canada is to maximize the regular size (or small) tray for your guests.
  5. Pooja accessories – well, going back to your roots is something that is very important. And Pooja accessories can help you celebrate your Tamil Matrimony in Canada with these return gifts. This will also help your guests feel at home.
  6. Potli Bag – this bag might be small, but what you can place in them is limitless. They also come in different styles and designs, so you have plenty to choose from.
  7. Bangle Box – bangles are important accessories in a Tamil Matrimony, and this classic gift has a twist for your modern-style Tamil Matrimony in Canada. Your guests will surely love to have one of these return gifts from you.
  8. Kumkum Box – just loved these very stylish and decorative and cultures-reflective boxes that you can serve to your guests in your themed Tamil Matrimony in Canada.
  9. Ganesha Idol – any gender will be pleased to have this as a return gift. They can be part of a collection in every household of your guests.

In any of the choices, the most important thing to consider is the budget that you are willing to spend for the return gifts. You always have to consider the quantity of guests that will come, so it helps to add a little spare of your return gifts. And of course, your return gifts should help in a way to show the love that you have as a couple bound by your Tamil Matrimony in Canada.

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