The Golden Ornaments-Tamil matrimony

“A marriage is two individuals coming together as one”

A Tamil Matrimony is a joyous occasion where the social stature of the family is flaunted through décor , food and jewellery. The golden ornament plays a very significant role in a Tamil Matrimony and it adores the Tamil bride very beautifully with it’s sheer elegance. Tamil bridal jewellery is associated with richness, beauty and grandeur and has made it’s mark over decades. Gold jewellery is paired with precious stones like ruby , emerald and diamond predominantly in a Tamil Matrimony. Jewellery adorns the Tamil bride literally from the head to toe . So , in this post , let us look at the jewellery that a Tamil Bride typically wears in a Tamil Matrimony.

Nethi Chutti

The Nethi Chutti is an ornament that adorns the forehead of the bride in a Tamil Matrimony. This is an essential ornament worn in different styles. It is either made of pure gold or is made in the kundan style where it is paired with rubies , emeralds, pearls and diamonds. In a typical Tamil Matrimony , gold paired with red and white stones adorn the forehead of the bride.

The Surya Kala and Chandra Kala

These ornaments are predominant in a Tamil Brahmin Matrimony. There are ornaments in the shape of the sun and the moon that are paired along with the Nethi Chuti to decorate the bride’s forehead. The bride’s hair is partitioned in the middle and these are placed on either side of the partition.

Jimiki and Maatal

A Jimiki is an ornament that adorns the ear of the bride. These are earrings which have mostly bell shaped hangings that draw attention thus highlighting the facial features of the bride. The Maatal is paired with the jimiki and is a golden chain that connects the earring to the bride’s hair thus enhancing the look. The Jimikis come in a variety of options ranging from pure gold to pure diamond and huge jimikis are the current trend.

Nose ring

The nose ring used to be synonymous to a Tamil Matrimony though it is not worn by all the brides today. The nose ring is an ornament that is worn in the nose and can range from a simple single stoned stud to nose-rings with drops. The typical nose ring worn by Tamil Brahmins has eight stones and is usually made of diamond / white stones.

Necklace and Kasu maalai/ Aaram

The necklace adorns the neck of the bride and is paired with the kaasu malai. The necklace comes in a variety of designs and is chosen according to the likes of the bride. The kaasu maalai is a chain made of gold coins and can be made with a pendant. The aaram is also another long chain with mango designs which can be used instead of the kaasu maalai.

Vangi (Armlet)

The Armlet adds elegance to the bride’s arms. The armlet usually has Goddess Lakshmi or peacock designs to it but recent days have seen more simple armlets to suit the bride’s taste.


The Ottiyanam is a belt that is worn around the waist. Typically , since a bride wears a saree in a Tamil Matrimony , the ottiyanam elegantly holds the saree of the bride in place. The ottiyanam is a very beautiful ornament is can be made as heavy or as light as possible and can be made with precious stones or pure gold to compliment the other jewels of the bride.

The Bangle

The bangle adorns the hands of the Tamil bride and is synonymous with a Tamil Matrimony. Every Tamil bride wears bangles compulsorily. Gold bangles are paired with stone bangles in order to make the look more appealing.


Lastly , the ornament that adorns the ankle of the bride is an anklet which is typically made of silver since wearing gold in the legs is considered to be disrespectful. The anklets come in kundan or ruby models and gold plated versions.

Thus, The golden ornament not only puts forth the Tamil culture and tradition but also showcases the union of two families and their values.

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