The Reception in Tamil Matrimony

Tamil Matrimony is an exciting and an anticipated affair for many Tamils. And surely if you are one of the guests, you’ll be excited on the occasion. You might even plan (or dream) for your own wedding – of course for most singles.This went through meticulous planning to ensure that everything is perfect, and for some, a consultation or a help is very important to make this a very successful one.
If you are a visitor at a reception for the Tamil Matrimony, you must be aware of the following:

1. Most of the time, the couple will arrive at their reception later than the time printed on the invitation. At times it takes 30-45 minutes for them. This is due to some rituals that they still need to do. And some of these are no longer printed on the invitation.
2. Songs in a Tamil Matrimony could either be live with someone singing, a played music that is compiled for the couple, or some elders’ choice due to it being a tradition. But if the couple and their families are actually open-minded, they can have all the latest songs that speak about love and marriage.
3. Most of the guests are actually the relatives of the couple. There may be a few others, such as the couples’ friends, friends of family and relatives and some random maamas and maamis. So make sure that you arrive on time (or a bit earlier, but not too early) in the reception or you’ll have to park your car a few blocks away.
4. Tamil Matrimony is full of colors and tradition. So, if you are not aware of the motif of the matrimony, it is always best to wear a Tamil saree for women, and a kurta-jeans combo for men. However, it is still best to ask a relative of the couple to be sure, or the couple themselves.
5. As a guest, a personal congratulatory message is an important gesture. But while waiting to meet the couple, you will be served at least one or two types of juices, this is due to the long queue of people who also wants to personally meet the couple.
6. There are different kinds of food found in the reception of a Tamil Matrimony. But the common menu includes paneer gravy dish, dosa, Gobi Manchuria dry, some salads bisibele bath, rasam, curd rice and many others. There are other Tamils who also try to put some Western menu, especially if one of the couple was exposed to it (or have tried it).
7. The common souvenir for the wedding reception is a bag that contains one coconut and few betel leaves. It is an important custom in Tamil Matrimony as it actually symbolizes the union and compatibility of the couple. However, nowadays, new souvenirs are becoming popular.And at the end of the day, be thankful for the experience that you had, and the chance to meet and give a well-wish to the couple. You’ll also never know if you will be able to meet your future better half in the reception.

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