A healthy couple promotes a healthier family lifestyle. This can be done with exercise and the right choices for food. It is also helpful that the couple practices healthy habits and mannerisms for their children to follow. And this in turn will promote a healthy relationship for the couple.

But with several factors involved in the relationship of the couple after the Tamil matrimony, it is difficult to find time to concentrate on a healthier lifestyle. Some of the factors include personal life – job and private time; social life – friends and colleagues; and family life – this includes their own original family.

So how can the couple have that healthier relationship after their long-celebrated Tamil matrimony? Here are some tips:

  1. Do workouts together.

Give yourselves a time to bond. Doing some exercise routines and keeping in shape is one important way to be together. If you don’t or can’t do it at home, then sign up as a couple in a gym. You may be having different jobs, but you’ll know you’ll be going home together after a good workout. This is an activity you can surely enjoy after your Tamil matrimony and while you still are planning to have kids.

  1. Prepare meals together.

Well, it’s not necessary that both of you know how to cook. But you can help each other in preparing your meal. The process will help you learn each other’s eating habits, likes, and dislikes. This in turn will promote a healthier relationship, not just in the body, but in the mind. This is important because during your Tamil matrimony, it was focused on the culture and the rituals. This time that you are living together, it should be more focused on you as a couple.

  1. Keep each other some reminders.

There will be a point in your relationship after your Tamil matrimony, especially living together that you feel that you no longer have time for each other – you no longer see each other. A very good tip to show your effort is by reminding each other of the things you need to do. Using notes and sticking them on the fridge, together with his/her breakfast, or other forms to show your care and love.

  1. Keep a day or two without technology.

The problem with the modern world is that technology is within our reach. This at times hinders personal communication between the couple. Face to face communication is vital, not just the importance of the words, but also the importance of the gestures. You can do this during your day-offs or during meal time.

  1. Organize and plan together.

Tamil matrimony is the bind of your love for each other. This means that you are as one and not alone. In everything that you do, you must keep each other’s thoughts and feelings. That is why it is important that as a couple, you organize and plan together. Keep each other’s schedule and free time. In this way, you will always remember your spaces – personal and relationship wise.


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