Top 5 Wishes of Tamil Women for their Groom to be


Traditionally, our society dictates that women are in the house and that men are for work. But that all changed when women empowerment became a trend. Nowadays, there are activities that are branded as “unisex” because they are no longer for one gender. A woman can work and be a professional, and a man can now stay at home do the chores. Agree?Well, believe it or not, more and more women are becoming more inclined in the working environment – such as engineers, multi-national companies, and so on, and the men being inclined in the works of women – as a nurse, chef, or tailoring. That is why there is also a shift in what women desires their Tamil Grooms in Canada should have. Of course, aside from the moral and physical attributes, the women also want the following:


  • The Art of Cooking – or even just the basics!

They say that, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Well, although this still applies to some men, the women also would like their men to know the art of cooking. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be like Sanjeev Kapoor or other expert chef to impress the ladies, just knowing how to hold the pot, the knife, or the ladle; and frying, sautéing, boiling and/or broiling is okay. This makes sure that the Tamil Grooms in Canada are accountable and responsible.

  • Making healthy choices.

This is not just about the food you eat, with Tamil Grooms in Canada, it should also be manifested in the activities they do. The soon to be grooms should know their limit in doing and something. They should know how to take care of themselves because their partner is counting on them. Another thing that women look for in their Tamil Grooms in Canada is their healthy personality – knowing how to balance different aspects of their life, such as work, family, friends, and so on.

  • Being organized.

Don’t expect your woman to always pick up the things you leave on the floor. And don’t expect her to clean after you go. That is why it is very important for Tamil Grooms in Canada to be respectful of their partner and to know how to organize his things. This will not only help their relationship, but also make sure that the family they are planning to make knows responsibility.

  • Maneuvering on the streets.

Don’t worry your woman is not looking for a driver; she’s just looking for someone who knows how to drive, or if not, willing to learn how to drive. Aside from driving, women also look for Tamil Grooms in Canada who know how to maneuver on the streets – like short cuts, the nearest place to, and so on. And of course, driving is such an advantage in traveling!

  • Technologically sound, but not a freak!

Troubleshooting her laptop or her phone is something you can help her with, but you don’t need to elaborate the process to her. That is why it is also important for Tamil Grooms in Canada to know the technologies, explain them in the simplest way possible, advise her on the best deals there is, but not to sound so technical. Your girl would really appreciate it, but also to admit if you don’t know something regarding it.

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