What happens After the Matrimony?


Have you heard the expression, “You are only a bride once”? Well, it applies to the bride and to the groom as well, most especially for those united for the first time. This expression also emphasizes how important the preparation before the matrimony happens. And that there is no second take once the ceremony starts.

As part of the preparation, the couple do some research, ask questions and advice, and learn as much information that they can do during the planning stage. And take note, they do this with their families and assisted by their matrimonial site advisor. And the day comes with full of excitement and accomplishment as the new couple celebrates their union in one life changing event.

Then comes the reception and the post wedding rituals of the matrimony. And they say that this is where all the fun begins – as the guests and the families of both the bride and the groom enjoy the feast and activities in stored for everyone. And it usually ends with the bride leaving her natal family and joining her husband in their new home – or her in-laws’ residence.

Then what? As the anxious bride enters a new life, and a new home and lives with new faces, she is faced with a lot of adjustment and encounters. Although, each has a unique experience, as families are different, but here are some common things that come after:

  1. Home coming ceremony – known as Grahapravesam, is a way of the mother-in-law to welcome the bride into their home. This is usually done together with the relatives of the groom as well, and reflects the acceptance of the bride.
  2. Fun games – to welcome the bride and to relieve the anxiety of the bride, there are various games done that will let the bride and the groom know each other more intently. A popular game is  Pillow Talk and Unknotting the knotted string.
  3. A week or even a month of testing – the bride’s in-laws will definitely keep an eye on her and meddle with all the things that she does. This will push her to her limits and wanting to see her natal family for advice. Well, this is definitely one thing a bride must not do after the matrimony. This will cause trouble and may push her husband away. As the bride, it is very important to be observant, to let her in-laws take the lead, follow their rules and talk less.
  4. Jobs – keeping your professional job and balancing household job is a common dilemma. But, in order to avoid your in-laws’ constant pestering, you have to open this topic to your husband and to your in-laws. In this way you will gain their respect. Seeking their advice will also lead to a more harmonious relationship with your new family after the matrimony.
  5. Listen, accept, filter, follow, and learn – your journey as a new family member and being accepted starts after the matrimony. Here you need to always remind yourself to learn your husband’s ways. You will not expect them to change for you. As the bride, you need to “change” for them.

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