Tamil matrimony

When it comes to Tamil matrimonials, it has always been seen that the bride looks ever so elegant during her Tamil matrimony. But, this is not just her event. It is also a step into a new ground for the groom. And he should also look his best on this special day.

The culture dictates the ornaments and the accessories that are placed and used during Tamil matrimony – from the head to the toe. And the groom is not loaded with such, but looks sleek and classy during that day. Using accessories for the groom does not necessarily means that they should also be loaded with jewelries and other accessories, but they can put on something to have that same pleasure and give new emotions during their big day.

Your Tamil matrimonial site has compiled the accessories that a groom can actually pull off well without compromising that ever descent look.

                                                 1.Looks that matches

Enough with the traditional clothes that makes the groom appear boring. Want to look classy? Try wearing a beautifully embroidered Kurta and pajama. Partner it with a shawl and you’ll royal in an instant. If you’re planning to have a fusion matrimony, a suit and tie are also good, but put in the Tamil twist so that it will compliment the clothes of the bride.

2. Accessories 

Use stones and pearls that compliments your clothing and the clothing of your bride. In a form of a long chain necklace, anklets, and bracelet, the groom will certainly look ready for the Tamil matrimony.

Gold is the favorite color during Tamil matrimony and this is the perfect color to compliment the bride. If the Tamil groom is not used to wearing bracelet and anklet, a gold classy watch is the best option.

3.Pamper yourself.

The best asset the groom has that is observed by all is his face. Therefore, it is also important that the groom has his own grooming sessions before the matrimonial ceremonies. A simple facial (or the best facial service there is) and massages can actually improve his complexion and aura, it also gives him a renewal experience. The groom will certainly be the handsomest man on that day.

4.The brooch.

The choice of brooch should compliment the bride’s clothes, and of course, it should be studded with gems. There are different designs to choose from, but make sure it is not so big that it covers your other accessories or your clothes.

5.The shoes.

Usually, the groom wears chappals on his Tamil matrimony. But in this century, the groom has to try new shoes. Closed shoes, be it in leather or made of cloth, it should be stylish and comfortable at the same time. Whatever footwear the groom chooses, it should match his outfit and should not blind the guests.

Tamil matrimony should be a day of fun and adventure, not just in starting your new life as a couple, but also in the day itself. So, let your Tamil matrimonial site help you with it.


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