Why Tamil vivakam???

Arranged marriages are when two people come together to get married with the involvement of their family members. There are many factors or rather qualifications that the parents take in to consideration when evaluating potential partners. Level of education, same culture, same religious preferences and most importantly, the same level of the caste system are some factors they look deeply upon. The male partner have to

match up to many different areas in the matching process, such as: Will they be good fathers? Do they have enough money to support and take care of the family? Also, the groom and his family must have a very high reputation. Likewise, the same applies to the bride. She should know how to be respectful and have good manners; and will she represent the family’s honor and pride in a highly reputable way? Matching the expected qualifications of a family is crucial in the match making process. Once the match has been made, it is important for the two families to gather and choose a date for the wedding that is suitable for both parties. Arranged marriages have been a part of the Hindu Tamil culture for many centuries. Hindus find this system of marriage a great importance in their culture as they believe that it seems to protect their family. With this tradition, the involvement of family members is significant in order to bring a couple together. The parents in particular, take the responsibility to find compatible ( right) spouses for their children..

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